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Aspose.Email Java for PHP

Aspose Email Java for PHP is a PHP project that demonstrates / provides the Aspose.Email for Java API usage examples in PHP by using PHP/JAVA Bridge.

About This Aspose.Email Java for PHP

The plugins is for those who wants to utilize / use Aspose.Email for Java API in php projects. Managing and manipulating emails that come in through Microsoft Outlook doesn’t have to be difficult. It doesn’t even have to involve Outlook. Aspose.Email for Java lets you focus on the business logic by hiding the complexities of the Microsoft Outlook file formats implementation. It gives you the tools you need to create, read and manipulate Outlook MSG, PST, EML and MHT files from within a Java application.

Project Team

What is Aspose.Email Java API?

Aspose.Email for Java is a Java class library that enables Java applications to read and write email message files in various formats without Microsoft Outlook. It provides classes to read and update MSG,EML,EMLX,OFT files, add/remove attachments and recipients, update subject, body and other MSG file properties.

For more about the Aspose.Email for Java APIplease check the api documentation - click here

Plugin Documentation / Help Usage

For the complete documentation of this Aspose.Email Java for PHP Examples, please go through this wiki - click here

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